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Love The Process As much As The Result

Luxury Home

Building and maintaining a second home can be time consuming. Turning something meant for relaxation into a source of anxiety. And let's be honest, who needs more of that? Turtle Creek Homes replaces Anxiety with excitement as we guide you through the building process. Always making sure that the process is every bit as luxurious as the home you end up in.

*Limit of three luxury builds per year. Contact Chris today!

Luxury home

Realtors, contact us to learn about our referral compensation package.

Turtle Creek Homes specializes in luxury home building, offering a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a seamless and personalized experience for our clients. Here's an overview of what we provide:

Personalized Service: Clients work personally 1 on 1 with Chris, the owner of Turtle Creek Homes and Luxury, ensuring every detail is attended to with the utmost care.

Land Acquisition: We assist clients in finding the perfect land in prime locations, ensuring it meets all their needs and preferences.

Land Tours: We organize tours of not only the land but also the nearby attractions to help clients make informed decisions.

Private Transportation: We offer private air and car services to the build site, making the journey convenient and luxurious upon request.

VIP Builder Show Trip: We sponsor a VIP trip to the world's largest builder show, where clients can select custom products from around the globe. Thousands of options for every detail making your house truly one of a kind.

24/7 Live Video Stream: Clients can access a live video stream of the building process from their phone or computer at any time, with multi-angle camera views ensuring complete transparency.

Full Home Maintenance Package: Our post build optional on-going ala-carte maintenance package includes lawn care, cleaning, fresh grocery delivery hours before you arrive, private transportation from the airport to your home, security services, and more.

Transparent Pricing: We provide a cost plus pricing structure that makes pricing 100% transparent with no hidden fees. Allows our clients the ability to trace every dollar spent on the project.

NDA Level Of Privacy: Your name & location will be kept private. Photos of your project will not be used without written authorization.

At Turtle Creek Homes, we are committed to delivering an exceptional and luxurious home-building experience from start to finish.

Privacy Guarantee. Turtle Creek Homes will not share any information without written consent.

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