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Non-Traditional Home Builder​

We do own multiple Wisconsin based home building options. Over the years, we have sat on both sides of the table as the builder and as the client with multiple builders.  Having sat on both sides of the table this history is what gives us the knowledge, skills, and abilities to advise you in the right direction. Our unique formula for building that’s been perfected over many years allows our clients a custom built home for far less than the cost of a traditional build.

We dive deep into the details giving our clients the opportunity to spend the custom dollars where it matters most to them. This mixed with our “trace every dollar” guarantee at the end of your project equals large savings to you the client versus other builders profit margins. With Turtle Creek no hidden fees and no change order fees allows our clients to be in complete control of the budget/spend from start to finish.

News paper article about Chris Schram owner of Turtle Creek Homes. Article talks about Turtle Creek Homes home building strategies that will save money for the client.
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